Pat's 2001 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Artists and Creators

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A Menagerie of artists and creators

Here's some photos of many artists/creators in fantasy/comics (I confess to not snapping as many photos of the pro's this year):

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Gaijin Studio artists

Now let's take a look at some of most talented artists working in comics today at Gaijin Studios:

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Comics-related panels

Now let's take a look at one of the comic-related panels:

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Iron Artist Competition

Now this was very entertaining! In true "Iron Chef" fashion, Peter David and Harlan Ellison emulated the bombastic style of Japanese hosts/narrators for the 1st Annual Dragon Con Iron Artist Competition. The incumbent Iron Artist was Don Bluth, who was challenged by Larry Elmore. The following photos show sequential shots of the competition that included the hosts (David and Ellison) doing their best to entertain the crowd as the 2 artist went to work. Their objective was to do a Norman Rockwell painting in a Cubist style. So enjoy the photos:

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