Pat's 2000 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Wrestling - WCW Style!

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Welcome to my Wrestling at Dragon Con page. These are photos of the convention's wrestling matches, with mostly WCW wrestlers. After attending the wrestling matches, it's easy to figure out why wrestling can be so mesmerizingly popular among the masses.

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Match 1!

This match included a masked man and table-smashing!

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Match 2!

This match was an international affair, a couple of Asians, a Russian, and maybe an American.

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Match 3!

This match featured a girly-man and a black man.

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Match 4!

This match featured 2 women wrestlers (recommended).

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Match 5!

This featured Abdullah the Butcher and 3 guys.

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Match 6!

This featured Jerry Only from the Misfits and some guy in blue tights.

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Well, that is it for the Wrestling page of photos.

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