Pat's 2002 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Costumed Attendees

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Welcome to my Costumed Attendees page. If you were in a costume, you might be in one of these pictures. There's over 500 photos on this page, so enjoy! Try as I might to organize them, I did my best, but mostly these photos will be in sequential order after I broke them out into several category. Winged women seemed to be a common them among the female attendees (but all the outfits looked stunning and well made).

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Comic-inspired costumes

Here's photos of comic-inspired costumes, see anyone you recognize?

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Star Trek

Here's some dc2k2/costume/comic/thumbs/cocms of Star Trek costumes (A few Klingons):

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Star Wars

Here's some photos of Star Wars costumes:

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Star Wars Masquerade

Here's some photos of the costumes in the Star Wars Masquerade:

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TV/Film Inspired

Here's some photos of TV/Film Trek costumes (Have fun picking out the movies):

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