Pat's 2001 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Dawn Contest

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Welcome to my Dawn Contest page. The overall quality of the photos isn't that great, and I had to crop out this girl who was in front of me with jet black hair. The good part is that the photo files are very small. I used only my film camera since I ran out of battery juice for my digital camera, thus I had to be careful in the quantity of shots I took so I didn't run out of film by the end of the evening, so the quality and photo size will vary from photo to photo. But you should get the flavor of how the contest went this year. Now on with the show:

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Pre-Contest Details!

Anthony Daniels served as MC for the event, and was simply decadent and delightful. Here are photos of him and the judges for the event.

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Let the Contest begin!

Let run through the first go-around of contestants:

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Judgment Day!

Here's some photos of the Judge's choices for top 4 Dawns:

The judges decided to award an Honorable Mention for this Dawn:  given by Miss Cyndee.

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Post-Contest Photos

Since I was still limited on film (down to my last roll of film), I wasn't able to get each and every Dawn in the contest, but here's some photos of most of the Dawn contestants after the contest:

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Well, that is it for the Dawn 2001 Contest. That's all the photos I have. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Last revised on 09-10-2001.

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