Pat's 2001 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Masquerade Contest

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Welcome to my Masquerade Contest page. I was just plain too tired to fight for a good seat near the stage for the Masquerade, so all you'll see are photos of the contestants as they make their final curtain call in the hall just outside the main auditorium.

But you should get the flavor of the quality of the costumes this year. Anthony Daniels served as the MC for the event, and as always, he was quite entertaining, both in his shock reactions and amazement at the costumes and skits.

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During the contest...

MC Anthony Daniels has fun with a few folks who didn't quite make the cut:

The Imperial forces descend upon the Masquerade    They had my back.

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Let the final Contestant run-through begin!

Let's take one final look at the contestants (This is probably not the order in which they appeared in the contest):

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Well, that is a wrap for the Masquerade 2001 Contest. Hope you enjoyed the show.

Last revised on 09-10-2001.

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