Pat's 2003 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Dawn Contest

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All photos are copyright 2003 by Patrick Sun. Unauthorized use without written consent is prohibited.

This year's Dawn Look-a-like contest photos were pretty much taken guerilla-style, and thus, I have very little in terms of good photos from the event. Due to not getting good seats for the event, and the no-flash photography policy in effect, I only took photos from the strange "runway" setup after the contest that was so not conducive to getting nice shots of the contestants. Sorry, hope to do better next time around.

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Post-Contest Photos

Here's a bunch of so-so photos of the final rollcall of all of the contestants after the contest. It was pretty much chaos for us photographers in the back of the ballroom in that bad runway setup.

dawn0679.jpg dawn0680.jpg dawn0681.jpg dawn0682a.jpg dawn0683.jpg
dawn0686.jpg dawn0687.jpg dawn0690.jpg dawn0691a.jpg dawn0692.jpg
dawn0694.jpg dawn0695.jpg dawn0696.jpg dawn0700a.jpg dawn0701a.jpg
dawn0703.jpg dawn0705.jpg dawn0706.jpg dawn0707a.jpg dawn0708.jpg
dawn0709.jpg dawn0710.jpg dawn0711.jpg dawn0714.jpg dawn0715.jpg
dawn0716.jpg dawn0717.jpg dawn0718.jpg dawn0719.jpg dawn0721a.jpg
dawn0722.jpg dawn0723.jpg dawn0725.jpg dawn0726a.jpg dawn0727.jpg
dawn0728.jpg dawn0729a.jpg dawn0730a.jpg dawn0733.jpg dawn0734.jpg
dawn0735.jpg dawn0736.jpg dawn0737.jpg dawn0738.jpg dawn0739.jpg
dawn0740.jpg dawn0741.jpg dawn0742.jpg dawn0743.jpg dawn0744a.jpg
dawn0745.jpg dawn0746.jpg dawn0747.jpg dawn0749a.jpg dawn0751a.jpg
dawn0753.jpg dawn0756.jpg dawn0757.jpg dawn0760a.jpg dawn0761a.jpg
dawn0762.jpg dawn0763a.jpg dawn0766.jpg dawn0768a.jpg

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Well, that is it for the Dawn 2003 Contest. That's all the photos I have. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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