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Masquerade Contest

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Welcome to my Masquerade Contest page. The event moved to the Atlanta Civic Center, and it caught me off-guard, I missed getting there in time to get a good seat, so I had to settle for getting shots of the contestants afterwards in the runway where the staff "roped" off the aisle far too close to the contestants, so the shots taken were pretty much too close to the contestant, which explains lack of space in the framing of the shots.

Walter Koenig and George Takei were the masters of ceremony, and their readings of the text provided by the contestants were both funny and unintentionally mono-syllabic. They seemed to have a good time at the event.

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The Rollcall!

Here's a look at the contestants on their final runway pass:

masq0944.jpg masq0945.jpg masq0946.jpg masq0950.jpg masq0951.jpg
masq0952.jpg masq0953.jpg masq0955a.jpg masq0956.jpg masq0957.jpg
masq0958a.jpg masq0959.jpg masq0960.jpg masq0961.jpg masq0962.jpg
masq0963.jpg masq0964.jpg masq0965.jpg masq0966.jpg masq0967a.jpg
masq0968.jpg masq0969.jpg masq0971.jpg masq0972.jpg masq0973.jpg
masq0975.jpg masq0976.jpg masq0977.jpg masq0979.jpg masq0980.jpg
masq0981.jpg masq0982.jpg masq0983.jpg masq0984.jpg masq0985.jpg
masq0986.jpg masq0987.jpg masq0988.jpg masq0989.jpg masq0990.jpg
masq0991a.jpg masq0992a.jpg masq0993a.jpg masq0994.jpg masq0995.jpg
masq0997.jpg masq0998.jpg masq1000a.jpg masq1002a.jpg masq1003.jpg
masq1004a.jpg masq1005.jpg masq1007a.jpg masq1008.jpg masq1009.jpg
masq1011.jpg masq1013.jpg masq1014.jpg masq1015.jpg masq1016.jpg
masq1017.jpg masq1019.jpg masq1020.jpg masq1021.jpg masq1023.jpg
masq1024a.jpg masq1025.jpg masq1026.jpg masq1027.jpg masq1028.jpg
masq1029.jpg masq1032.jpg masq1033.jpg masq1035.jpg masq1036.jpg
masq1037.jpg masq1038.jpg masq1040a.jpg masq1043.jpg masq1045.jpg
masq1046.jpg masq1048.jpg masq1049.jpg masq1050.jpg masq1052.jpg
masq1053.jpg masq1054.jpg masq1056.jpg masq1058.jpg masq1061.jpg
masq1062.jpg masq1063.jpg masq1064.jpg masq1065.jpg masq1066.jpg
masq1067.jpg masq1069.jpg masq1070.jpg masq1071.jpg masq1072.jpg
masq1075.jpg masq1076.jpg

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Well, that is a wrap for the Masquerade 2003 Contest. Hope you enjoyed the show.

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