Pat's 2003 Dragon*Con Photo Album:
Buffy-related Panels

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Welcome to my page of photos from the Buffy-related cast panels. Why so many photos? Well, Why not, the photos are taken from a digital camera, so hardly any effort/expense was incurred, and the cast members on stage were have such a good time that I thought it be fun to share their expressions during the panel with any and all Buffy fans online. The seating arrangement (from your left to right) was: Andy (Lorne) Hallett, James (Clem) Leary, Danny (Jonathan) Strong, Iyari (Kennedy) Limon, and James (Spike) Marsters. Because of Marsters' presence, getting to a couple of the smaller Buffy panels (Andy Hallett/James Leary's, and Iyari Limon/Danny Strong's) was virtually impossible due to the limited amount of seating in the Buffy programming track room, so I missed out on those 2 panels. That was a bummer.

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James Marsters Panel 1

Here are photos from James Marsters' first panel on Friday.

pjma0043.jpg pjma0045.jpg pjma0070.jpg pjma0074.jpg pjma0077.jpg
pjma0082.jpg pjma0091.jpg pjma0093.jpg pjma0095.jpg pjma0096.jpg
pjma0097.jpg pjma0098.jpg pjma0101.jpg

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James Marsters Panel 2

Here are photos from James Marsters' second panel on Sunday (I think). A brave fan decided to call James' bluff after asking him to take off his shirt, which had him trying to turn the tables on her, and he asked her to come up on stage and do the same as she has asked of him. Unbeknownst to James, this was one committed fan who not only took off her shirt on stage, but then proceeded to take off her bra, and stood on stage topless for a good while as James tried to regain his composure. Now I think I've seen it all at Dragon Con...

pjmb0870.jpg pjmb0871.jpg pjmb0876.jpg pjmb0877.jpg pjmb0878.jpg
pjmb0879a.jpg pjmb0881a.jpg pjmb0882.jpg

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Buffy Cast Panel

Here is a plethora of photos from the Buffy Cast panel. Because of the incident in the previous day at Marsters' panel, not only was no flash-photography allowed, but a "No Flashing" policy was instituted as well. Heh. Since no flash-photography was allowed, I was forced to try and hold my camera steady, and for quite a few shots, I was not successful, which explains some of the blurry shots, but some actually look sort of neat as blurriness conveys motion that you would not get otherwise. I was pleasantly surprised that some photos turned out well, with very little in terms of blurriness inflicted by my nerves at the end of the convention with sleep deprivation kicking in on me at the time.

buff1189.jpg buff1194.jpg buff1196.jpg buff1197.jpg buff1198.jpg
buff1199.jpg buff1200.jpg buff1202.jpg buff1203.jpg buff1205.jpg
buff1206.jpg buff1207.jpg buff1211.jpg buff1212.jpg buff1214.jpg
buff1216.jpg buff1218.jpg buff1219.jpg buff1220.jpg buff1221.jpg
buff1222.jpg buff1224.jpg buff1225.jpg buff1227.jpg buff1228.jpg
buff1229.jpg buff1231.jpg buff1234.jpg buff1235.jpg buff1236.jpg
buff1247.jpg buff1248.jpg buff1249.jpg buff1251.jpg buff1252.jpg
buff1253.jpg buff1254.jpg buff1255.jpg buff1257.jpg buff1258.jpg
buff1262.jpg buff1263.jpg buff1268.jpg buff1270.jpg buff1271.jpg
buff1276.jpg buff1277.jpg buff1279.jpg buff1280.jpg buff1281.jpg
buff1282.jpg buff1283.jpg buff1284.jpg buff1285.jpg buff1288.jpg
buff1289.jpg buff1292.jpg buff1294.jpg buff1295.jpg buff1296.jpg
buff1297.jpg buff1298.jpg buff1299.jpg buff1300.jpg buff1301.jpg
buff1304.jpg buff1305.jpg buff1306.jpg buff1307.jpg buff1308.jpg
buff1309.jpg buff1311.jpg buff1312.jpg buff1313.jpg buff1318.jpg
buff1319.jpg buff1320.jpg buff1322.jpg buff1324.jpg buff1325.jpg
buff1326.jpg buff1329.jpg buff1330.jpg buff1331.jpg buff1333.jpg
buff1335.jpg buff1336.jpg buff1338.jpg buff1343.jpg buff1346.jpg
buff1347.jpg buff1348.jpg buff1350.jpg buff1352.jpg buff1354.jpg
buff1355.jpg buff1356.jpg buff1357.jpg buff1358.jpg buff1360.jpg
buff1361.jpg buff1364.jpg buff1365.jpg buff1366.jpg buff1367.jpg
buff1368.jpg buff1370.jpg buff1371.jpg buff1374.jpg buff1377.jpg
buff1378.jpg buff1379.jpg buff1381.jpg buff1382.jpg buff1384.jpg
buff1386.jpg buff1387.jpg buff1388.jpg buff1390.jpg buff1391.jpg
buff1393.jpg buff1394.jpg buff1395.jpg buff1396.jpg buff1397.jpg
buff1398.jpg buff1399.jpg buff1400.jpg

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Well, that is it for the photos from the Buffy-related cast panels.

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