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Dragon*Con is a 4-day sci-fi/fantasy/comic/gaming/video convention held in Atlanta, GA. This year it was held on the Labor Day weekend (Sept. 3-Sept. 6) at the Hyatt/Marriott hotels, all of which are located downtown and right next to each other.

The art show was located in the Marriott Hotel. The Dealers Room and the Walk of Fame were located at the Marriott Hotel. The artists were placed on the same level as the Dealer Room and Walk of Fame, but catty-cornered and out of the way. The first day down in the bowels of the Marriott was very hot, but then they got smart and turned on the AC and placed fans in strategic locations to help with cooling off the guests and attendees. The vibe I got this year was that the guests in the Walk of Fame were in a better mood as the flow of adoring fans was even and steady. There were some unfortunate guest cancellations (like Anthony Michael Hall) which would have made for a more memorable experience, but Dragon Con is what you make of it. The Masquerade was again located to the Atlanta Civic Center, and it was a fun time. The panels I attended were interesting, some more so than others (i.e. Firefly, which electrified the audience with plenty of enthusiasm and stories). It is a treat to meet some of the guests that express their gratitude for the support of their fans over the years, and are overwhelmed by the number of attendees at Dragon Con.

This year my trusty old Olympus D460Z finally developed dead pixels, so it was time for a new digital camera. I picked up a Canon A70 digital camera earlier in the year, and planned to use it for photos at Dragon Con (among other events). Then just a couple of weeks before Dragon Con, I picked up the Canon S1 IS, which is a digital camera with a 10X optical zoom with Image Stabilization.

The learning curve was a bit steeper on the S1, so many of my photos from Day 1 of Dragon Con 2004 turned out more grainy and blurry as I tried my best to keep my flash photography to a minimum in order to not irritate guests as much as possible. On Day 2 and Day 3, I decided to use the Canon A70 for most of the costumed attendees photos as its focus is much faster and I didn't need the 10X zoom. I mainly used the Canon S1 IS at the panels, the Dawn contest, and the Masquerade to take advantage of its zoom capability. With 2 digital cameras and plenty of photo-taking opportunities, I ended up using 7-8 sets of 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries daily to get through each day. The idea of having unlimited film (more or less) at a convention is truly frightening, and this webpage is a direct realization of that concept. I didn't take any film photos this year, just didn't find anything film worthy this time around.

There are portions of this webpage that incorporate photos from my friend Brian Bailie in order to round out the coverage of the Dawn Contest and the Masquerade. Thanks, Brian! Any photo that has a "BB" somewhere in the file name was taken by Brian.

Note: Like last year, I'm going to incorporate thumbnails, and there are some pages with over 300 thumbnails, so please be patient and let the pages load properly.

I know this isn't the prettiest website out there, but I hope to make it up in content. I think there are just under 3,000 photos on this webpage! Enjoy!

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